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Refreshing the look

Here at Rossware we've spent the better part of the last 20 years innovating and striving towards bringing the best services we can provide. Since all of our resources have been dedicated towards this advancement, very little has been spent on maintaining a pleasing modern look for the company. With a new website, we think its time for a little update.

One of the first steps we decided to take is an updated logo to suit the futuristic goals of Rossware.

Old logo

The old logo, though classic, was not timeless. We encountered many issues where the logo's inflexibility restricted us from using it where we wanted.

The transformation

New logo

We designed the new logo to incorporate elements of the old while gaining a new level of flexibility. It can work against any color background, at any size, and with any of its individual elements by themselves.

What's next?

We're continuing to develop at a ferocious rate and giving you the best support possible. Our next steps are to continue developing this website and our applications into more modern, user-friendly, and helpful versions of themselves. Thank you to all our clients!

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