Getting Started

Welcome to Rossware!

A good place to start is download the programs you have access to. If you've already purchased, you will have been provided credentials which give you full access to any of the products you now own. If you haven't ordered, contact us now!


We have done extensive work to provide documentation for how to do just about anything within our systems. A good place is start if you are new to our systems is to read up on the applicable documentation. Our programs do so much that it is important to understand the functionality in order to get the most out of your investment.

  • The comprehensive manual for ServiceDesk can be found here.
  • If you're just getting started, a good place to find how-to's is our Mini-Manuals. This is a collection of manuals ranging from complete Handbooks, to how to do very specific tasks.
  • Check out our Resources Page for access to all documentation.
  • Looking for video tutorials? You can access them through my.rossware.net or within our resources right here.

At Rossware, we believe support is there more than just help when something is broken. We believe support should be a resource there to teach you. When you're in the learning stage of our software, think of our support as guides to help you whenever you have questions. They're fully trained and know the product better than anyone. Reach out to them now!


We're not huge fans of social media, but its ability to transmit important information to the masses is undeniable. We recommend following us on Facebook and Twitter to always make sure you get to the minute updates about new features, updates, and potential outages. We promise not to fill up your feed with unnecessary posts.