SD-CyberOffice Pricing Sheet


A minority of CyberOffice users are paying solely the $10/mo minimum, because they are but partially harnessing the features. Among those harnessing more intensively, fees can accumulate more significantly. If you’re using about half the features but doing so intensively, you’ll likely average about $10/mo per tech. Extensive RoboCalling can add significantly.

  • .90/website-originated, scheduled new job request 
  • .35/invitation-triggered first-time appointment on already-existing job
  • .25/invitation-triggered follow-up appointment
  • .15/completed confirmation resolution, plus .01/request that includes a tech-pic (if via email), or communication fee if via text-message or RoboCall
  • .01/month/pending job, .30 for first JobStatus view, .10 for each view after*
  • .01/Tech-Tracking appointment, .30 for first view, .10 for each view after
  • .30/Online Survey completed by user
  • 5.00/Emergency-Rescue Event with Full-Fee-Collected
  • .00/tech-is-on-his-way communication, plus applicable communication fee, if any
  • .00/post-completion communication, plus applicable communication fee, if any
  • .01 per small Kudos view, .05 per large Kudos view 
  • Most communications that are servicer-side initiated may be done via email, text-message or RoboCall. Email communications have no added fee. Text-messages are .03 each; RoboCalls are .09 each for calls that complete to recipient, except are not charged at all in the confirmation context unless a confirmation resolution results.

Some of our very large clients have indicated they’d prefer a flat-rate setup. We sympathize, but nevertheless believe where there is a natural mechanism for measuring rate-of-use, it’s more equitable to charge on that basis — especially in fairness to smaller users. 


One thing we do not want you to do is look at this schedule and worry that, with intensive use, your bill may develop into something outrageous. That won’t happen. We promise! 

Quite simply, we’ve deliberately structured these fees to make them a fraction of what you’ll save (via greater accuracy and reduced personnel cost) on each and every transaction. They are also a minute fraction of the increased amounts you’ll earn from growing business, because of happier and more impressed customers. Every time one of those little fees accrues, in other words, you can say “Ka-Ching, that’s more money in the bank for me.”

For such reason, the more you end up spending via CyberOffice (since you know every cent is accompanied with greater earnings) the happier you should be. 

For such reason, the more you end up spending via Cyber Regardless, please don’t worry about the unknown. We will never demand any amount in payment. Prior to running your charge each month, we email you a statement that details your transactions. You always have the option to tell us to charge you nothing (of course, if you don’t wish to pay, we may not continue your service). Office (since you know every cent is accompanied with greater earnings) the happier you should be. 

Bottom line: we want you to run to the hilt with this, absent any worry over cost. If you ever find it’s not worth every penny, simply don’t pay us a thing, and end the service. It’s that simple.