Introducing SD-Mobile

The app built to make your techs super heroes

SD-Mobile is a powerful app designed to fulfill any need your service technicians may have in the field. Job information is automatically uploaded from ServiceDesk to the tech's mobile device.
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SD-Mobile Features

You've seen the UPS man do it, the FedEx man, even the DHL man. They all have a portable electronic device that tethers them (information-wise) to headquarters. Without any separate human effort, it keeps each mobile-person informed of what he needs to know (where to go, what to do, etc.), while also keeping headquarters informed of what's happening with the mobile person.

The digital assistant for your techs

When a job is assigned to a technician, it populates the job list on his or her device, and provides every bit of relevant information. Any work they do on that job will be sent back to the office!

Get mapped guidance to jobs, clock in, record post visit reports, create tickets, return visit appointments, on and on. This app has it all.

"The unexpected part became obvious when we observed that one of our techs was now able to complete more calls per day. This turned out to be a whopping 50% increase in productivity!"
Stafford Repair Company

Charge credit cards, and provide receipts on-site

Charge credit cards onsite with a simple and cheap credit card swiper.

The app can automatically generate and email professional and customized receipts to your customer.

other apps

Included with SD-Mobile


If you ever thought it might be handy to use pictures to document work on a service call, record serial numbers, or use photos to protect your company from liability, this app is for you! All pics you take are automatically attached to the job you are on, and uploaded to the cloud for your office to access.

FutureSchedule Viewer

This web application allows technicians to login with their mobile credentials to view all of the jobs assigned to them in the future. In addition to this, they can see the details for each job.

Flexible pricing

If your total does not otherwise reach or exceed $20 your monthly total is $20.
Windows Version
per month
per technician
Full access to SD-Mobile on windows for the number of techs of your choosing
Access to Quickpics app
Access to FutureSched
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iOS Version
per month
per technician
Full access to SD-Mobile on iOS for the number of techs of your choosing
Access to Quickpics App
Access to FutureSched
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