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We launched to allow our clients to better control where their customers go for services. When you sign up as a servicer with KeepItFixed, your customers can purchase appliance repair protection plans through Warrantech with you as the referrer. This means you will get monthly residuals from their monthly payments, and you'll be their preferred service provider giving you more business.

Step one
Sign up

Sign up as a servicer on our Servicer's site, it's free and all you need is your Rossware credentials.

Step two
Refer customers

Once you're signed up, you'll have the option to include a referral URL in the receipts you give your customers. You can also include a referral link on your website.

Step three
Get residuals

When your referred customers sign up, a portion of their monthly payments will go right into your pocket.

step four
Get more business

As the referring servicer, the customers who sign up under you will be sent to you.

We've done the work, you get paid.

Check out the KeepItFixed storefront.

This is where your customers will get referred to.

We take care of the fancy stuff

When your customers click the referring link you provide to them, they'll be greeted by an attractive site that explains how the protection plans work. We do all the work for you to get them signed up, take care of billing, etc.

Start earning monthly residuals

Aside from being the preferred servicer for your customers (which will increase your business), we send you a monthly check and statement for your portion of earnings from your referred customer's monthly payments.

Start earning monthly residuals now!



Click the link below to get started. You'll need to be an existing Rossware client to sign up with your Rossware credentials. Start earning now!
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