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Stocked-Parts inventory

There is probably no service company that does not find it prudent to maintain a minimum stock of parts and/or supplies.  Nor would you expect to find any that do not need a systematic method for tracking precisely what they have purchased and entered into stock, what they have used out of it, what they presently have left (including where those quantities are located), and how the latter values compare with minimums needed before re-stocking.

  • Easily manage a listing of each type of item that you intend to maintain in stock including: its description, part numbers, type of machine (or application) it's used on, the make, your regular and preferred customer prices, and minimum quantities you wish to maintain on each truck and in your stock room.
  • See everything you actually have in inventory.
  • Rapidly search inventory, or view records of every inventory movement (from a supplier into your stock, from your stockroom to a truck, from a truck to use in a repair, from a truck back into office stock, a return of items to the supplier, etc.)
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Special-Order parts

It may be that some service companies have little burden in regard to ordering non-stock parts.  For the rest of us, however, the burden is frequent and substantial.  Please be assured, ServiceDesk has a well-polished system to manage this activity.

ServiceDesk has capabilities to manage every aspect of requesting, ordering, and managing special order parts from the beginning to the end of a job.

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Other apps

These other apps are designed to fill any needs which are outside the scope of SD-Mobile.


SmartParts is a standalone software that you can all on its own but also works great with Servicedesk. It is a light, fast, and easy to operate parts lookup program designed to make finding, ordering, and diagnosing effortless.

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