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Many of our clients, in addition to doing business via service calls, have a store where they sell parts, appliances, or other merchandise. SD-Dealer is an addon to ServiceDesk which tracks in store stock and facilitates over the counter sales. We also have a standalone Virtual Terminal which makes charging credit cards onsite easier and cheaper than ever before.

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Sell serialized merchandise and maintain inventory

If, besides servicing, you also sell serialized merchandise (and maintain an inventory of such items), this product is for you. SD-Dealer is a lightweight program designed for small to medium merchandising operations. It is easy to use, and provides you with all of the features you would expect a merchandise management program to have.

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virtual terminal
Charge credit cards with low rates and dirt cheap terminals

Not only is Virtual Terminal built into our major programs, such as SD-Mobile to enable charging credit cards in the field, but it can be a standalone program that anyone in any industry can use. All you need is a computer running windows, and a cheap USB credit card swiper. Look below for information on how to get signed up.

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Just $25 a month to add Dealer to ServiceDesk.

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Virtual Terminal

Charge credit cards today, it's free to sign up!

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