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Modern business is done on the cloud. More businesses are realizing the benefits of the increased security and ability to do business from anywhere that cloud computing provides.


We utilize AWS to provide flexible and speedy performance from Amazon's cutting edge hardware.


Using any remote desktop service on your computer or device, you can sign into your server and be greeted with the familiar Windows operating system.


On our servers, all of your information is backed up daily automatically. This means if something catastrophic happens, you will be completely protected.


Getting started is easy. Submit the order form and we'll set everything up for you! If you're a current client, we can even transfer all of your data to the new server.

Once you're up and running, you and your office personnel will be empowered by our server solutions.

Affordable Cloud Computing

1 -2 Users


Microsoft Server 2016
Comprehensive Backups
2 Core CPU
8GB Ram
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Up to 10 Users


Microsoft Server 2016
Comprehensive Backups
4 Core CPU
16GB Ram
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Up to 25 Users


Microsoft Server 2016
Comprehensive Backups
8 Core CPU
32GB Ram
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Very large organizations

Custom price

We can support any number of users, please call to inquire about a custom price for very large companies.
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