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Our mission

The primary programmer for our desktop-based products (also the company founder and CEO) is Glade Ross. Glade is a former service company owner himself (Aardvark Appliance Service, San Juan Capistrano, CA).  It was in this business that Glade first began developing ServiceDesk.  It was an excellent environment in which to conceive and hone the particular set of features and methods that genuinely meet the needs -- not to mention convenience -- of genuine service operations.

Rossware Computing, Inc. is dedicated to the production and robust support of innovative solutions to real and operational servicing needs. We are continuously and rapidly developing and improving. Our biggest input is the real-life experience among thousands of active and intelligent users. To maximize the benefit of feedback from those users, we foster a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees -- persons, one and all, who are driven to “make computers think” . . . in particular, for the very and specific purpose of making our clients' lives better.

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Our awesome team
We're building an awesome team to provide ongoing development and unrivaled support for our products.
Glade Ross
CEO and Lead Programmer
A former appliance repair company owner, Glade now strives to make tools to help the service industry.
Aaron Pinero
Support Administrator
Head of our wonderful support department.
Brent Canfield
Office Administrator
As our Office Administrator, Brent handles billing, human resources, sales, and is even our office chef.
Jason Ross
As he
Matthew Stewart
Support Champion
Support, always eager to help and always patient.
Adam Sullivan
Support Champion
Adam is the newest member to our awesome support team.
Alex Ross
Programming and Graphic Design
With a broad skill-set, Alex programs some of our mobile apps as well as designs web interfaces.
Drew Funk
Support Champion
Support, a musician in his off hours and has the looks to prove it.
Karie Sevigny
Package builder
A former on-site team member at Rossware, Karie now works remotely, handling package building at custom mapping.
Kenton Mattos
Support Champion
Very calm and supportive, Kenton also spearheads iOS troubleshooting.
Matt Parker
Training Guru
A former Rossware team member, Matt now is our travelling training master.
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