Make acquiring and managing service agreements simple.

This application has its name because the prime purpose is to help you build your business revenue via promotion of recurring service events (e.g., cleaning condensers once per year) and/or by selling and regularly collecting on service contracts. It's designed to make the management of all related aspects of such matters effortless.

Searching has never been easier.

Like all of Rossware's products, there is a powerful search function which lets you find what you need quickly and easily. You can search by name, address, email, or even telephone number and the results are displayed to you as you type. By clicking on a result you are instantly displayed with the party you want.

Manage billing and services.

On each of the contact pages, the accounts, billings due, services due, and history of the account is displayed. Adding and changing the billing details and services is as easy as just clicking in the box. As you can see there are many options available to tailor the service agreement to each customer.

This application (it's a separate but integrated addon to ServiceDesk) is designed to manage either both recurring service arrangements and service contracts. It is object-oriented, with the following object types.


Each of these is a person, business or similar entity, defines by a name, address, telephone number, email address, notes, automatic narrative of relative events, etc.


Each of these is a container for a set of expectations in a particular relationship that exists between you and a party. It could be an expectation that you will perform spring and fall service, for example, and/or an expectation that you will bill (or charge to a credit card) a certain amount once each month. Each account actually has two Party attachments: one for the paying party and another for the service-location party. Each account also has notes and automatically maintained narrative history.

Service Events

As attached to any account, you may create one or more Service Events objects. They may be defined as occurring on any repeated basis (e.g., every twenty days, once per month, twice per year, etc.) and as continuing for a specified quantity of repetitions, or as continuing until otherwise canceled. The Service Events integrate with ServiceDesk to facilitate in management of the expected service.

Billing Events

Likewise as attached to any account, you may create on or more Billing Event objects, which may similarly be defined as occurring to any repeated basis. Depending on how each billing event is defined, the system facilitates effortlessly sending bills, integrated running of expected credit card transactions, or even ACH-type pulls from a customer's checking account.


These are also objects that attach to accounts (and, likewise, as many to each account as is desired). Each Machine object includes properties such as Type, Make, Model, Number, Serial Number, Purchase Date, etc., and directly integrates with ServiceDesk's UIS system.

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Unlimited service contracts/agreements
(requires the base program ServiceDesk)
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